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“Indeed — a patch at the elbow! You interest me,”

【description】'Hehasnothing,'repliedhissister,'andshehasfivethousandpounds.'Jasperwalkedonwithbenthead.Hesaidnothi ...

'He has nothing,' replied his sister, 'and she has five thousand pounds.'

“Indeed — a patch at the elbow! You interest me,”

Jasper walked on with bent head. He said nothing more until he was upstairs in the sitting-room, where Maud greeted him carelessly.

“Indeed — a patch at the elbow! You interest me,”

'What?' he cried incredulously. 'Ten thousand? You don't say so!'

“Indeed — a patch at the elbow! You interest me,”

He burst into uproarious laughter.

'So Reardon is rescued from the slum and the clerk's desk! Well, I'm glad; by Jove, I am. I should have liked it better if Marian had had the ten thousand and he the five, but it's an excellent joke. Perhaps the next thing will be that he'll refuse to have anything to do with his wife's money; that would be just like him.' After amusing himself with this subject for a few minutes more, he turned to the window and stood there in silence.

'Are you going to have tea with us?' Dora inquired.

He did not seem to hear her. On a repetition of the inquiry, he answered absently:

'Yes, I may as well. Then I can go home and get to work.'

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